Rutger started his own production company called Oxford House with best friend and business partner Floris about 8 years ago. He's been in charge of all creative output of the company and has also been working as the DOP for years. Since the last 3 years he's been developing himself more and more as an all round photographer, Initially more alongside the film shoots at Oxford House - but lately he's been doing a lot of stand alone photography projects for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Samsung, KLM, Heineken and T-Mobile as well.  He's also the go-to photographer for one of the biggest magazine in The Netherlands called WINQ.

He's a very enthusiastic guy that adapts to any situation he gets confronted with. He gets along with everyone and makes models/talent feel conformable which helps creating beautiful imagery. He prefers shooting on locations with as much natural light as possible to capture authentic and real moments that creates crisp and distinctive images.